Saturday, 27 August 2016

90 Day Hair Growth Challenge round 2 - Starting Date

Hi Everyone, I hope you are all well.

Round 2 of our 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge is starting on Monday 29th August.

Here's the video with information about what I plan to be doing during the challenge and my starting length check.

Video's from the first challenge that you may be interested in:

First challenge video information:

First challenge final length check and why I stopped taking MSM:

First Challenge Playlist:

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

The Temptation Was Real - Straight Hair

straight hair up close

What can I say? The temptation to straighten my hair finally got the better of me. Butttt in my defence I have held out for nearly 2 years lol.

I had a Box of Beautiful Textures Naturally Straight Texture Manageability System sitting in my box for 2 years or so. I was too scared to use it after hearing/ watching horror stories of changed hair textures to damage. I have been asked about TMS systems in general and this one in particular and I always gave advice based on the research I had done and offered my box to two people for their daughters.
My poor box however went unclaimed and just sat there looking at me.

I had a wedding to go to of my two wonderful friends and had planned my outfit but was at a loss to the hairstyle, I had a few styles in mind but at the back of my mind an idea to break out the GHD's started to form and as the weeks got closer I was more and more tempted by the thought of straight hair.
I took my BT box out of hiding and Wahhhh!!! The box was squashed and the side had a big splotch mark on it, ugh something inside obviously leaked, I checked and it was the leave in and it felt like it was half gone.... I couldn't give it away now that the box was damaged and product half gone... That made my mind up about the straightening, I decided to try the TMS out as knew it would be a hot day plus I would be singing so humidity would be my enemy. I wanted all the help I could get and TMS is meant to have humidity defence.

Box crushed, open and damaged

I watched thousands (ok not quite but it was a lot) of videos, most were 2 years old as this was when it was released and there was big hype and prominent youtubers and bloggers were given boxes and attended special events etc. There were mixed reviews to be honest and I tried to get follow up posts and videos some did have them.... a couple scarily now had short hair after having to cut theirs due to heat damage (GAHHH) I did notice that these ladies used loads of heat at different times and had different treatments done so I decided to risk it,

I was very happy with the results, my hair was straight and flowy. I used to get straight results anyway but that was with relaxed and then transitioning hair. I wasn't sure how my natural hair would react to heat and as I wear it in it's curly state so much I know it had been "trained" to be curly.
straightened hair

It took quite a long time from start to finish but it was worth it.

Side Swoop (please excuse my expression lol)

The day of the wedding, I had a side swoop fringe/bang and put the rest up in a clippy updo type thing so the front puffed up by the end of the night. I was dancing a lot too at the reception so my edges frizzed up too (I didn't put too much heat on them in the first place though as I wanted to protect them) So I just put the front into two flat twists and clipped the back up again and kept it moving.

Please excuse picture quality, oh and my squinty face

It's now been 11 days since I straightened my hair and although my roots are slightly puffy in places and my edges have won the reversion battle, the length of my hair is still straight and that's where I feel the TMS has done it's part. I have been maintaining my straight hair and I'll do a separate post about that very soon.

I have been loving the quick styling and night time routine/ regime(men) that straight hair has given me and I can see why some choose to be "straight naturals" but I am all to aware of the dreaded heat damage.

I have to wash my hair today because my poor scalp is crying, I'm deliberating whether or not straighten my hair again, or maybe just blow dry it???. I'm curious to see how the system being in my hair will affect my wash and go's and may try it out..... hmmmmm decisions.....
From the instructions and reviews, blowdrying your hair is meant to be so much easier and your hair gets quite straight when using the maintenance products..... hmmmmmmm.

I actually can't decide lol. I'll be sure to let you know what I decided and also discuss how the maintenance products work/feel.

Have you tried this or any other TMS? How did it go? Are you thinking of trying one out?

Thursday, 28 July 2016

New 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge!!

Hiiiiii!!! Just a quick heads up that a new 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge on the 1st August!!
I will try to get a video out to chat a little bit about it but I wanted to remind those who wanted another one and inform anyone who would like to join this time around.

I actually cannot wait to get started, I have been protective styling since the last one finished and I'll probably be doing the same for the first week or so of this round.

Let's do this!!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Lost Files - Summer 2015

Hiya!! I have been sorting through my recorded files and came across so many little stuff that I had just hiding away. I deleted a lot of them but compiled some into videos.
There are so many reasons why I record and don't upload but I'm trying to get over myself.
Thanks so much for those who have been encouraging me to upload and for always believing in me even when I don't believe enough in myself *mwah*

This compilation is some of the fun things I did last summer (haaa reminded me of the movie - I know what you did last summer..... well now you do... well some of it)

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Just Chatting - No coat.

Hiya!! I haven't got a particular reason or topic that I came along to talk about, but I really felt like blogging lol.
I have got a protective styling update post in the works but that's a longer post and I have a few minutes this time round.

The sun is really out today - it has been lovely and sunny since Sunday actually and I'm trying not to complain!! It is rather hot though lol, I actually keep forgetting to put on sun cream, I will have to remember tomorrow because I can feel my skin getting sunburnt and sore.

The lovely weather has forced me to put down the safety/security blanket that is my coat and walk around without it. It is a nice feeling to walk around without it. Last week (or maybe two weeks ago) it was a rainy day and I had my big coat on, then the sun came out of no where I forced myself to take it off, I didn't even have a decent top on as I just put on something that wouldn't make me too hot in my coat. I walked down the road quite self concious but put the thoughts out my head and enjoyed the sun on my skin.
This week there is no way I could wear the coat, even if I wanted to, I'd probably keel over with heat stroke before I reach the end of my road. I just grabbed my "throw over" and walked out the door, today I popped on a maxi dress with it and I have to admit it felt soooo nice in the sun, the material floating around and creating cooling air.... after a few minutes, I didn't even give a thought to what I looked like, just enjoyed the sunshine and warmth.

I am reminded how very far I have come from the person who didn't want to leave the house, the person wearing coats and jackets while suffering in the heat, the person who was so full of self dislike..... what a difference. I have far to go but it's changing little by little and I am extremely thankful.

I have decided it's time to purchase a couple of summer tops and dresses as most of my clothes are for cooler weather and definitely mostly black. Which is another thing I have realised..... my wardrobe isn't ALL black anymore!! wow!!

I think I'll post more about overcoming my "isms" as it helps me see to notice the changes and will also be helpful for me and hopefully any one who has these or other "isms" too.

Anywhoooo, my free minutes are over now and it's time to do my evening chores very soon.
*see* you soon xxx

PS, Do something you love today, even if it's something that you have a hangup about, step out, have fun, enjoy xxx

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

90 Day Hair Growth Challenge - Results and Experience

Hiya!! I have finally managed to upload results video!!

I had a mishap along the way (wha'ts new?) and had to record on two different days.

Thanks again for everyone who took part and for your continual support. For those who wanted to join in when we were already started, and those who asked about doing it again, we will do another challenge in August xxx

Monday, 11 July 2016

Hiya!! The sun has finally come to play here in London. It's been teasing us with guest appearences only to hide away again. On some days we've had 3 to 4 seasons worth of weather with hailstones, wind, sun and chill!
The weather has been playing games with my hair and as I may have said a few times, It was time for a protective style.
I was waiting for the 90 Day Hair Growth Challenge to end before putting my hair away and felt like some plaits or twists.

I started to notice some breakage at my crown area, where my parting is..... not just uneven hair but actual small hairs!! humph!! I do think it's because I part my hair in the same way when styling and washing. That was the final push for me to plait up my hair and I decided to crochet the plaits because that would be less time installing and removing and also the least amount of pulling on my hair while I wore them. I plaited the perimeter in single/box plaits/ braids

Plaiting/Braiding hair and Pre-Plaited/Braided packs
I have to say I love the ease of day-to-day styling that comes with plaits, no faffing about, I normally just pull the top half up into a ponytail and have half up, half down... It's soooo much quicker in the mornings for school runs.

I have had them in for around two weeks now and plan to keep them for another two at least  maybe even push to six weeks in total. I re-did the front perimeter last Saturday as they were looking quite fuzzy and yesterday I re-did the back on Thursday just gone.

It's been a while since I last had a longer term protective style, I forgot how my scalp cries for water when wash day comes and goes without me washing it.

Loving my Plaits!!